Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Golden Balangay Awards?
  • It is an annual nationwide search for outstanding Filipino Canadians. GBA aims to promote excellence, hard work, higher education, entrepreneurship, public service, positive relationships and community involvement.
Who can submit a nomination? Can I nominate myself?
  • Anyone can submit a nomination. Self-nomination is also accepted. Nominator details are left anonymous for judging.
What is the cost to nominate?
  • There is NO COST to submit a nomination. All that is required is to visit and register in the nomination portal at
Who decides on the winners?
  • There is a panel of judges who reviews qualified nominations. The panel consists of previous winners and/or respected individuals, community leaders, professionals, etc. The panel of judges are presented to the public during the Awards Night.
How is the judging done?
  • Judging is done online. Qualified nominations are allocated to the panel of judges to review and judge according to a defined set of criterias and its weighted percentage. The judging portal is a web-based tool with embedded scoring and judging algorithm that allows judges to navigate and perform their judging/scoring tasks.
Who validates the judging results?
  • A detailed judging report is generated by the system. It is then validated by an affiliated accounting group, AFCA (Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants).
Are nominees required to attend the awards night?
  • Nominee attendance is not mandatory. However, it is preferred that nominees are present in case they are announced as the award recipient. Winners are only announced during the awards night.
Can I nominate again someone who has been nominated in previous years?
  • Yes, as long as the nomination credentials are current.
Can I nominate someone in multiple categories?
  • Yes. An individual can be nominated up to two (2) categories. If there are multiple nominators where the nominee ends up being nominated in more than 2 categories, the nominee should accept only two (2) categories. A note to nominators, make sure that the submitted nomination is catered to the category.
GBA is being held in various cities/provinces. Does this mean that nominations should only come from the host city/province or nearby areas?
  • No. GBA is a nationwide search therefore nominations from other provinces are accepted.
Where can I get more information about the Golden Balangay Awards?
  • Please visit If you have specific question that is not addressed on the website, direct your queries to